Welcome to “Good Devil Pub” arranged by Dino Stella Copyright © Good Devil Pub - All rights reserved. p. IVA 01745270262 Today... From 1984, in "Good Devil Pub" from Varago in Maserada, quality reigns. "I always wanted that my premise's distinguishing mark was the proposed products' quality, the beers variety, the great set of single malt whiskey, the good offer of express dishes. A simple and informal place, very tidy, with quality music listened at low volume, where the customers feel at home but anyway on the line with a smooth place where you can find families with children and sometimes you can listen to some live jazz or author music… More than 200 Scottish single malt whiskey labels, and many more coming from other parts of the world. Numerous beers on tap, beer pump and a large choice of bottled beer. I am "Orval Abbey's Ambassador  honoris causa" and a professional Sommelier.